King of Clubs Raffle

The Bradley Bourbonnais Sportsmen Club Presents


​The King of Clubs Thursday Night Card Raffle

   Beginning July 10th,2014 and continuing every Thursday the BBSC  began their King of Clubs Drawing. The winning ticket will be drawn promptly at 7:00 pm. Also every Thursday night we will have a 50/50 split the pot. Tickets for both will be $1.00 Each or 6 for $5.00, and tickets for both will be available for purchase from our bartenders any time the bar is open through the week.

  For those of you who have not been to one of these raffles here is a brief explanation how it works. We will start off with a heat sealed and laminated board of 52 cards plus the two jokers. Tickets will be sold up until the drawing at 7:00 pm. The person holding the winning ticket drawn will instantly win $50 dollars and 24 tickets for next weeks drawing, and then a chance to choose one card from the board, possibly the winning card The King of Clubs. The pot for the drawing will be determined by the King of Clubs board. If the winning card, the King of Clubs is not drawn the pot will roll over to the next week with the size of the pot to be determined from the amount of tickets sold the previous weeks. The 50/50 raffle is just that, each week a winning ticket will be drawn and that winner will split the pot with the BBSC.

   In conjunction with the King of Clubs Raffle, the Kitchen sometimes will be open from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm with a limited menu.

Check back in the coming weeks further updates.