The Bradley Bourbonnais Sportsmen’s Club recently established this website to aid our membership and anyone else to stay connected with our organization and the various activities we sponsor. As this site grows and matures additional information will be made available to our membership, as well as the general public concerning the many offerings we host for our members and noting those that are open to the general public. As a service to our members and friends  we will soon begin to establish links to additional organizations and  agencies we partner with and support. We encourage our membership to use these links to connect with and receive updated information that is important to all that have an interest in conservation, environmental issues, outdoor recreation and opportunities both locally and statewide. In recent years we lost a main informational source from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources when they discontinued publishing their premier magazine,the Outdoor Illinois. Our plans include developing a link to their website for the convenience of those using our site and wishing additional statewide information. The local news media covers some of the IDNR information and announcements, but it is impossible for them to cover everything. For example, did you know that when you reach the age of 75 you can purchase a hunting or fishing license for $1.00. Seniors 65 and older will still receive their license at half price. The vendors for license sales will not have the IDNR codes to process the new license fee until about October 1, 2014. If you purchase a license now and are 75 years of age, you may apply for a refund by using the IDNR website.
   Our plans include linking to other sites as well. Two of those sites are the Kankakee River Round Table site and the Northern Illinois Anglers Association site. Were you aware the Round Table site contains most of the studies ever  conducted on the Kankakee River? These, and many articles, white papers, reports and other information on the Kankakee River can be viewed on the site. They have the largest collection of information on our river that is available locally. The NIAA site will give you updated information on our river that is available locally. The NIAA site will give you updated information on the Kankakee Iroquois River Cleanup. They also publish updated information on all their activities including the Kankakee Fishing Derby, Kids Fishing Day, Physically Challenged Fishing Day, and many other activities. Our intent is to provide you with the opportunity to keep abreast of current information on various activities in which you may have an interest. Again, we encourage you to make use of the sites you find below.