Membership Points

  I’m sure you all know we maintain a points system where members can earn points to sustain an active membership thus saving themselves $50 dollars a year in dues and at the same time helping out where ever you can maintaining our club or helping out on our fundraising efforts There are several different ways to go about it. Here are several examples.

Chicken Nights – Whether its chicken prep on Friday night or on Saturday you can come in early to set up the bar and dining room then later on you can maybe work in the kitchen serving chicken, work garbage detail, stock coolers in the bar or then later on take down tables and chairs and clean up the dining room. Anyone interested in helping out on chicken please contact the chicken crew leader Bob Wildman.

The King of Clubs Raffle- Every Thursday night they could always use a hand. Whether its setting up and taking down tables and chairs, working in the kitchen or working garbage detail.

   Then there is all the other days when everyday things come about, especially in the winter time. Maybe a little snow removal, and/or spreading salt. Inside there are prints in the bar and dining room that need to be cleaned and dusted. When weather allows there is firewood below the hill that needs to be split.

     Then after the first of the year we will have fundraisers such as the Wild Game feed coming up in February, our annual Ten Gun Raffle in May and The Cash Bash in June.

As you can tell there’s always something to do, If you have any questions please contact Tom Kerouac, Roger Hackley or Larry Shedwill. They will set you up.